How is Gentle Hands Different?

You receive professional dental hygiene services, the things that give you a whiter smile, great dental health and prevent cavities, but in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. You should still see your dentist if you need extractions, fillings, ,dental surgery or root canals.


Care Advice

Who We Are

Accidents happen

We provide an assessment and help to treat your emergency or  refer you to the appropriate specialist to meet your needs.

Making good habits

From nightly brushing

and flossing, to some easy dietary

tips - here's what you can do.



A beautiful smile brightens every day and gives you the confidence that you deserve!

Welcome to Gentle Hands Dental Hygiene



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"Keeping the Gentle in Dental"

Relaxing atmosphere

The fist thing you will notice is there is no dentist office smell. It is a quiet, peaceful, spa-like atmosphere. You can RELAX.

Wendy Andrews Independent Dental Hygienist R.D.H.